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Consultation on Code of Practice

As indicated in the Discussion Paper on the Draft Code of Practice for Health and Safety in Shipboard Work released for comment on 22 December 2017, the Seacare Authority agreed to consider including a specific chapter on offshore support vessels in the final Code.

It is intended that this chapter replace the Australian Offshore Support Vessel Code of Safe Working Practice which is now twenty years out of date.

Industry feedback is now sought on the draft chapter which provides additional guidance for Australian offshore support vessels on how to manage the key risks associated with cargo, personnel transfer, towing and anchor handling operations.

This draft chapter also references the Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations for further information.

Other general health and safety information in the draft Code such as fatigue and emergencies that also applies to offshore support vessels is not repeated in the draft chapter.

The closing date for comment on the draft chapter for offshore support vessels is the 22 February 2018.


Last updated: 08 Feb 2018