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Key outcomes from the 14 June 2018 Seacare Authority meeting

The Seacare Authority met in Melbourne on 14 June 2018. The key outcomes of the meeting are set out below.

Berth and levy reporting

The Seacare Authority discussed the issue of timeliness of employers complying with their berth and levy reporting obligations. It was noted that there continues to be a number of employers that fail to meet the legislative timelines for reporting their berths and paying the levy. The Seacare Authority agreed to write to employers who fail to meet these timelines and request reasons for this. Further information regarding employers’ berth and levy reporting obligations will be promoted via the Seacare website homepage shortly.

Seacare Authority corporate plan 2018-19

The Seacare Authority progressed development of its corporate plan 2018-19. The Seacare Authority has made significant improvements to its corporate plan, including updating its performance measures, from the previous year. These changes take into account advice on best practice corporate plan content. The Seacare Authority corporate plan 2018-19 will be endorsed in the coming months and published on the Seacare website by 31 August 2018.

Seacare Authority OHS plan 2019-2022

The Seacare Authority’s current OHS plan 2013-2018 is due to conclude at the end of this year and, as such, the Seacare Authority progressed the development of a new plan, to take effect from 2019. The draft Seacare OHS plan 2019-2022 has been developed in line with the Seacare Authority’s corporate plan and the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022.

It is expected that the Seacare OHS plan 2019-2022 will be finalised and endorsed in September 2018.

Mental health initiatives

As previously advised via the Seacare website, the Seacare Authority agreed to conduct workshops on supporting and encouraging mentally healthy workplaces in the maritime industry as part of a broader focus of the Seacare Authority on mental health in the industry. At its June 2018 meeting, the Seacare Authority progressed planning of these workshops. Further updates on the progress of this, and the Seacare Authority’s other mental health and wellbeing initiatives, will be provided.


Last updated: 29 Jun 2018