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Key outcomes from the 14 September 2017 Seacare Authority meeting

The Seacare Authority endorsed the content of its 2016-17 annual report, which will be published on the Seacare website in October 2017.

Endorsement of Seacare annual report

With endorsement of the annual report, the Authority duly considered actuarial advice on the appropriate level of reserves for the Fund, and the rate of levy appropriate for maintaining this reserve. The Authority agreed that, in order to maintain the reserve, an adjustment would be required to  the levy rate and that the levy amount be considered further, following consultation with affected industry participants.

Seacare Authority Corporate Plan

The Seacare Authority Corporate Plan was published on the Seacare  website in August 2017. The Seacare Authority discussed strategies to implement its strategic priorities of the Corporate Plan, with discussions to continue.

Revision of notice and compliance procedures

The Seacare Authority has endorsed updated notice and compliance procedures. These procedures stipulate when Comcare will notify employers of their reporting requirements, as well as the steps that will be taken, and when, should an employer fail to meet its reporting obligations.


Last updated: 06 Oct 2017