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Seacare Authority has granted two section 20A exemptions for a further period

The Seacare Authority has, following a period of consultation, granted two exemptions for a further 12 months under section 20A of the Seafarers Act:

These exemptions:

  • apply to all employees on the ships listed in the Schedules to the exemptions to the extent that such employees are brought under the scheme by virtue of Samson v Aucote (these employees will be covered by state workers' compensation legislation)
  • take effect from the date they are signed
  • will not impact ships that were covered under the Seafarers Act prior to the decision.

For further details on the Samson v Aucote decision, its impact on the Seacare scheme, please refer to the Scheme coverage page.

If you would like to discuss these exemptions in further detail, please contact the Seacare Helpline via email.

Last updated: 04 Oct 2016