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PI Guide consultation
Mental health
COVID-19 information
Employer reporting obligations
Mental health resources
Find out about the supports and resources available if you or someone you know has mental health concerns.
Scheme coverage
A scheme of occupational health and safety, rehabilitation and workers' compensation for defined seafaring employees.
Health and safety representatives (HSRs)
Access information for HSRs and employees interested in being a HSR, including functions, training providers, and a HSR network.
Meeting outcomes
19 Jul 2021

The Seacare Authority met via videoconference on 10 June 2021. Meeting items were insurance for the Seafarers Safety Net Fud, consideration of the levy amount, and consideration of the environment in which the Seafarers scheme operates.

The key outcomes of the meeting are set out in this news item.

11 Jun 2021

The Seacare Authority website has been redeveloped with a focus on making the site more accessible, easier to navigate, and to provide an improved online experience for users.

Meeting outcomes
20 May 2021

The Seacare Authority met via videoconference on 18 March 2021. Meeting items were impacts of COVID-19 and mental health resources, strategic risk management, review of the Seacare Authority’s exemption factors and guidelines, and Seacare Code of Practice.

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Date printed 21 Sep 2021