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The Seacare compensation scheme is supported by private sector insurance companies that write workers’ compensation insurance policies for employers. These insurances play an important role in the compensation, rehabilitation and return to work process.

Authorised insurer defined

An authorised insurer is the company with which an employer has taken out a workers’ compensation insurance policy for its employees.

Under the Seacare scheme, the authorised insurer must be:

  • a general insurer or Lloyds underwriter under the Insurance Act 1973, or
  • an insurer who carries state insurance.

For compensation to be payable under the Seafarers Act, a compensation claim must be made by or on behalf of an employee with an injury or illness.

See a list of authorised insurers servicing the Seacare scheme.

The relationship between an insurer and employer

It is important that employers develop a strong working relationship with their insurer.

For employers, it is essential that services available under the policy are made best use of, to enable employees to safely return to health and to work as soon as possible.

To support a positive relationship with the employer, we recommend the insurer to:

  • take a strong supportive role in assisting the employer manage the rehabilitation and return to work process, when a claim is made that exceeds the policy’s excess limit. This should always be done in consultation with the employee’s treating medical practitioner, their rehabilitation provider and the employee who has the injury or illness.

To support a positive relationship with their insurer, we recommend that employers:

  • ensure they fully appreciate and understand their obligations, the benefits, and the services available under their insurance policy
  • immediately advise their insurer when they receive a workers’ compensation claim, even if the claim cost is expected to fall below the claim excess. This alerts the insurer, that a call on the policy may be made. It also assists the employers to develop a full understanding of the company’s claim history and of claims by the employee
  • communicate with their insurer on claim costs and cost control strategies
  • call upon their insurer’s claim and injury management expertise. For example, employers may be able to suggest an appropriate rehabilitation provider that has successfully achieved positive return to work outcomes for another employer. This type of advice can lead to earlier or more lasting return to work outcomes and ultimately lower insurance premium costs.

Insurers in the Seacare scheme

QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited

Workers' Compensation
QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited
QBE House
200 St George's Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Phone 08 9213 6100

Visit QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited.

Page last reviewed: 17 August 2023
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