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Permanent Impairment

Edition 2.1 of the Guide

Effective from 1 December 2011

On 2 November 2011, the Minister for Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, approved Edition 2.1 of the 'Guide to the Assessment of the Degree of Permanent Impairment' (the Guide). Edition 2.1 replaces the second edition of the Guide, and comes into effect from 1 December 2011. This means that claims for permanent impairment and non economic loss under sections 39, 40 or 41 of the Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1992 received on and after 1 December 2011 need to be assessed under edition 2.1 of the Guide.

As of 8 August 2012 the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) contains an up-to-date version of the consolidated Guide to the Assessment of the Degree of Permanent Impairment (the Guide). Prior to 8 August 2012 the version of the Guide which was available on FRLI did not incorporate the amendment made to the Guide on 29 November 2011 and commencing on 1 December 2011, which, in essence provided for the Guide to apply to claims received (and determined) on and from 1 December 2011 rather than claims received after 28 February 2006 (and determined after 1 December 2011).

The official consolidated version of the Guide can be viewed on Comlaw's website.

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Last updated: 19 May 2017