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Introduction to Rehabilitation Under the Seafarers Act

Part 3 (sections 48 to 52) of the Seafarers Act governs rehabilitation and the return to suitable employment.

An approved rehabilitation provider in the Seacare scheme has the same definition as one under the Comcare scheme, being a Comcare Approved Rehabilitation Provider. That is, a rehabilitation provider must be approved by Comcare to provide a rehabilitation program in the Seacare scheme.

For a list of approved Rehabilitation providers in your state refer to the Comcare Directory of Approved Rehabilitation Providers.

Rehabilitation and effective and durable return-to-work in the shipping industry has been a difficult issue for some time. There are a number of unique factors which have an impact on rehabilitation and return-to-work performance including the legislative framework, the mobile and remote nature of workplaces, attitudinal factors, the difficulty in arranging graduated return to work opportunities and the availability of suitable employment alternatives.

To assist the Seacare Authority has produced a package of Best Practice Rehabilitation and RTW guidance material.

Last updated: 18 Feb 2015