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Seacare Authority Mental Health Resource Centre (News)

Recognising the physical and mental stressors associated with work in the maritime industry, the Seacare Authority has developed an online resource centre which provides ready access to mental health resources.

The Seacare Scheme supports injured workers in the shipping and offshore industry, a hazardous industry involving complex operational and safety challenges in very remote locations. Work in the maritime industry can expose workers not only to the physical risks of working with heavy machinery and manual tasks, but also risks to mental health through working both remotely and in isolation.

The online Mental health – work context and resource centre provides access to information and support for seafarers who may be experiencing symptoms of mental ill-health and provides information and assistance for their colleagues and employers.

The publication of this resource is underpinned by the Seacare Authority Mental Health Strategy (PDF, 216.0 KB) – the objective of the Strategy is that the Seacare Authority is recognised as a trusted body for the availability and promotion of mental health information in the maritime sector.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Seacare Authority Secretariat at

Page last reviewed: 16 April 2020
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Date printed 15 Jul 2024